Monday, February 15, 2016


Okay, let's try this SCM Player thing again.  I put it up last night, but I don't think it worked out.
<!-- SCM Music Player -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""
data-config="{'skin':'skins/tunes/skin.css','volume':50,'autoplay':false,'shuffle':false,'repeat':1,'placement':'top','showplaylist':false,'playlist':[{'title':'Unconditional Love U2','url':''},{'title':'Bobby Bobby Bobby Vilma Santos','url':''},{'title':'Sixteen Candles The Crests','url':''},{'title':'Lifehouse Part 1 The Who','url':''},{'title':'Will You Be Staying After Sunday The Peppermint Rainbow','url':''},{'title':'Teen Angel Wenzday','url':''},{'title':'It%27s So Nice To Be With You Gallery','url':''},{'title':'The Parting Glass Shaun Davey','url':''},{'title':'Olympia Sergio Mendes','url':''},{'title':'The Olympic Hymn The Orpheus Choir','url':''},{'title':'The National Anthem in Irish','url':''},{'title':'Lifehouse Part 2 The Who','url':''},{'title':'To Know Him Is To Love Him The Teddy Bears','url':''},{'title':'Indiana Wants Me R. Dean Taylor','url':''},{'title':'The Power Of Love Celine Dion','url':''},{'title':'Conquistador Procol Harum and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra','url':''},{'title':'How The West Was Won Theme Prague Symphony Orchestra','url':''},{'title':'Lifehouse Part 3 The Who','url':''},{'title':'They Never Came Home Christy Moore','url':''},{'title':'Sailor Stars Theme Kae Hanazawa','url':''},{'title':'Lifehouse Part 4 The Who','url':''},{'title':'Revolution The Beatles','url':''},{'title':'Cantigas De Minha Escola Medley Candida Branca Flor','url':''},{'title':'Here I Go Again Whitesnake','url':''},{'title':'Rise Herb Alpert','url':''}]}" ></script>
<!-- SCM Music Player script end -->

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