Thursday, July 28, 2016


At the funeral home where Caitlin Harrigan's funeral is being held, Tyler kneels down before her corpse before rising and shaking hands with Sean and his wife Tipper.

"I'm sorry about your daughter," Tyler says.

"Thank you, Tyler," Sean says.  "Your being here means a lot to us."

"Tyler," Tipper replies, "thank you for coming.  I can't believe that Caitlin's ex-beau would do this to our baby."

"I know how you feel," Tyler says.  "We lost our daughter a while back, and my wife's got 2 different neurological disorders coming at her at the same time."

"How is she?" Tipper asks.

"She's taking it badly," Tyler says.

"Please give her our love," Sean says.

"I will," Tyler says.

After greeting the rest of the family, Tyler goes to the water cooler for a cold drink.  Meanwhile, one of Caitlin's friends is crying on a nearby chair.

"Are you okay?" Tyler asks her.

"No, I'm not!" the girl says.  "How could that asshole shoot her and cause all this?"

"How many friends did you..."  Tyler asks, but the girl interrupts.

"I don't want to talk  about it!  I was barred from my prom because I'd gotten into trouble with the police."

"Okay, I'll give you your space.  If you do need to talk, you can always call me at my house."

Tyler walks away with a grave feeling in his heart.  "It's nothing to do with me," he thinks.  "These kids have lost a lot of their friends."

Some of the other kids who've attended the funerals of their friends are waiting to visit the funeral home as he walks out.  He goes to visit his wife, but she doesn't want to see her today; it's not a good day.

Later, he walks into his usual joint, the Bar Stool.  The place is silent since the tragedy a week ago.  Most of the patrons are drinking beer without saying a word.

"What'll it be, Tyler?"

"The usual."

He gets his favorite bottle of beer while someone at the counter is talking about a sandwich on a bagel that he just bought.

"Is this sandwich fresh?"

"Fresh?" The counter man says.  Then he laughs and says, "No!  It's stale!"  Suddenly, his boss comes over and slaps him in the face, causing him to burst into tears.

"You're fired!" he says to him.  "Get out!  Don't even bother cleaning up your damn desk!"  He grabs him and pulls him through the bar before throwing him out.

"And stay out!" he says.  As he walks back to his office, he tells Tyler, "Hey, don't get upset with me.  He had it coming."

"I couldn't agree more," Tyler says with a smile.

"How's the Pigeon?"

"Not too hot.  The doctors wouldn't let me see her today."

"That's too bad."

Monday, February 15, 2016


Okay, let's try this SCM Player thing again.  I put it up last night, but I don't think it worked out.
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Thursday, January 14, 2016

3 A.M.!

"Monday on CBC! the announcer shouts.  "The event you've been waiting for all season long!  'Fumbled Follies!  The Jennifer Kirk Story!'  Starring Catherine O'Hara as Jennifer Kirk!  Laura Harris as Ann Hewson!  And introducing Dick Clifford as Mrs. Claus!  Check your local listings!"

Tyler's up at 3 a.m. flicking the channels, but he's surprised that a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation TV channel is showing up on his TV. 

"This is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation serving the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  Our broadcast facilities are located in Moncton, Fredricton, St. John, Halifax, Sydney and Charlottetown, with cable and satellite carriage throughout the Maritimes.  These stations are now leaving the air, but CBC Radio One and Two continue all night.  Check your local listings for the frequency in your region.  We will resume broadcasting in 3 hours at 6 a.m. this morning with CBC Morning News, followed by Kids CBC at 7.  At 12 Noon, we'll have the Midday Report, followed by 12 continuous hours of the Olympic Games from Quito.  Good night."

He muses that it's an hour later-about 4 a.m.-in the Maritimes.  He watches "O Canada" being played by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra with scenes of various Canadian areas being shown. As the anthem ends, a photo of a bound and gagged woman appears on the screen while a funereal version of "God Save The Queen" is played.  

"This is disgusting!" Tyler snarls.  After the anthem ends, instead of the test pattern, an announcer says "The following is a paid program for..."

Click.  Tyler goes back to bed.  He turns on the radio and listens to a jazz station playing music by Brubeck.

Down the street, there's another 25 bodies being found in the charred ruins of the ballroom where the prom was held last week.