Thursday, January 14, 2016

3 A.M.!

"Monday on CBC! the announcer shouts.  "The event you've been waiting for all season long!  'Fumbled Follies!  The Jennifer Kirk Story!'  Starring Catherine O'Hara as Jennifer Kirk!  Laura Harris as Ann Hewson!  And introducing Dick Clifford as Mrs. Claus!  Check your local listings!"

Tyler's up at 3 a.m. flicking the channels, but he's surprised that a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation TV channel is showing up on his TV. 

"This is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation serving the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  Our broadcast facilities are located in Moncton, Fredricton, St. John, Halifax, Sydney and Charlottetown, with cable and satellite carriage throughout the Maritimes.  These stations are now leaving the air, but CBC Radio One and Two continue all night.  Check your local listings for the frequency in your region.  We will resume broadcasting in 3 hours at 6 a.m. this morning with CBC Morning News, followed by Kids CBC at 7.  At 12 Noon, we'll have the Midday Report, followed by 12 continuous hours of the Olympic Games from Quito.  Good night."

He muses that it's an hour later-about 4 a.m.-in the Maritimes.  He watches "O Canada" being played by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra with scenes of various Canadian areas being shown. As the anthem ends, a photo of a bound and gagged woman appears on the screen while a funereal version of "God Save The Queen" is played.  

"This is disgusting!" Tyler snarls.  After the anthem ends, instead of the test pattern, an announcer says "The following is a paid program for..."

Click.  Tyler goes back to bed.  He turns on the radio and listens to a jazz station playing music by Brubeck.

Down the street, there's another 25 bodies being found in the charred ruins of the ballroom where the prom was held last week. 

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