Sunday, June 14, 2015


The past 3 days have been a nervous wreck for the townspeople of Periwinkle Village.  69 high school students were killed on Friday night when a youth rode into the Rockland ballroom on Rte. 139 and started shooting at people before throwing a hand grenade into the roof.  It caused an electrical fire which spread like hell in a matter of minutes.  Over 150 others are injured. The Periwinkle Village school department has already cancelled graduation ceremonies, saying that the surviving grads will receive their diplomas by mail.
The first of several dozen funerals are taking place at several local churches, including St. John's Catholic Church on the beach and the First Baptist Church.  Funeral services are being said at other churches around the South Shore.  One of the churches in Plympton was unavailable for a service, since it had scheduled a same sex wedding with a lesbian couple doing a bondage ceremony.  Outside the church, the pastor had hung a banner over the door saying "We Rejoice in Equal Marriage."  Someone was so mad about it that he threw a rock with a couple of firecrackers attached to it.  The door was knocked down and the banner went up in flames.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.
Several burial services are scheduled on Tuesday with dozens of participants expected.  Next Friday, a memorial service is planned in Periwinkle Village Town Square.  There's a report that the Fourth of July celebrations will be cancelled, but nothing's come to pass.
Meanwhile, Tyler's wife is having trouble with the nurses in the nursing home.  She is so devastated with 2 neurological conditions going through her body and ravaging it.

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