Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Meanwhile on the other side of the beach, there's a General Store advertising "PRICE BREAK!  CIGARETTES!  PORNOGRAPHIC MAGAZINES TORN IN SHREDS!"  And someone is being thrown out of the store.

"Don't let me catch you in here again!  You're barred!"

As he walks out, he pulls a gun and shoots the storeowner.  Meanwhile, a cop who was in the store yells, "Freeze!  Freeze!"  The guy who was thrown out shoots at the cop, but he dodges a bullet and fires several shots into the kid.  He's pronounced dead at the scene.

Later, in an interview on the local cable access TV channel, the cop explains that the kid was playing with his private parts while looking at a pornographic magazine.

"I've already gotten beef from the kid's parents," the cop admits, "but what else can you do?  You do something inappropriate and you get thrown out.  You shoot at the guy who owns the joint and you get killed.  It's as simple as that; you do what you gotta do."

The next morning, the headlines read that the storeowner was a Mafia boss using the store as a front for illegal gambling and drug selling activities.  Well, it serves the owner right for trying to use his store to commit crime.

But it also serves the kid right.  He should never have done something like that in the first place.  And now, the parents have to bury the kid.

Another depressing day, eh?  Especially as Tyler sits down in his house and writes his memoirs about working and getting fired.

"I don't know where to begin," he begins writing on his Macbook, "but I've never had a liking to the summer people who crowd into Periwinkle Village and make every weekend a Bacchanalia from Hell.  And I'm really suffering personally, since my wife Veronica, the Queen of my heart, has been taken away to an assisted living facility.  She's the only one who's ever loved me and understood me; my father died kicking and screaming in the jail house after he killed Mom in a fit of rage one night."

Meanwhile, at a house on John Alden Lane...

"Are you going to rape me, Miss Yumiko?" a young lady asks in a quivering voice as her hands are being tied behind her back.

"No, I'm not," her boss, a more mature lady, reassures her.  They're both dressed in matching skirt suits with different blouses on-the mature lady's wearing a white blouse while her captive is wearing a red one.  "I just want to play an escape artist game with you."

Yumiko Chiba is playing a tie-up game with her secretary Mary Ann Fagundes. In addition to being the office manager for the Periwinkle Village public works department, she's also a magician who entertains corporate and private functions through the year.  She's trying to train Mary Ann in the basics of escapology.  Mary Ann winces as her elbows are fastened behind her back before she's brought to a nearby chair.

"I want to see if you can escape out of a chair within an hour or two," Yumiko says.  "If you do, I'll buy you a new outfit for the show we're doing next week."  She sits her down and fastens her knees and ankles together before tying her torso to the chair.

"Okay," she says.  "Now start figuring out an escape."

"You got it," Mary Ann says as she begins squirming.

"Oh," Yumiko says.  "One more thing."  She pulls out a white kerchief and stuffs it into her mouth before tying it behind her heck.  "Now, let's see you get outta that."

"Don't worry," Mary Ann says in a muffled voice.  "I will."  And with that, she resumes her struggle.  As she squirms, she hikes her skirt up her legs, but Yumiko pulls it down.

"We don't want to give anybody the wrong idea," she reminds her.  Mary Ann nods and squirms away. 

To be continued...

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